The magical materials tour is waiting to take you away.

You may know that I offer prints on paper. But did you know you can order all of my work on wood? And acrylic, or metal? And canvas?! I love carrying this breadth of materials because everyone’s personal aesthetic is unique. This is just one more way you can take my art and make it yours. 
Tour each of the materials in this post, each with personal suggestions from me.


Roll up for the tour
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I was a skeptic of metal at first, but when I saw my first sample I was hooked. Metal and acrylic prints have a high-gloss finish and a very smooth surface, giving these prints incredible color vibrancy! They come with hanging hardware pre-installed on the back, so all you have to do is hang it up and marvel. Check it out.  

Think a wood print would be too “woody”? Think again. The wood is light in color with minimal grain, giving a perfect surface for the artwork to be the star while offering that warm, nostalgic vibe that only wood can give. I love these so much I’m considering creating an entire line of work especially for wood. Check them out.  

Acrylic is simply gorgeous. It is a very rigid, quarter-inch-thick piece of acrylic which is a very clear plastic. The aesthetic is super clean, modern and crazy vibrant. Plus the hanging hardware on these is really unique, offsetting the piece from the wall about an inch. Check these out.  

People almost always think my canvas prints are originals - they’re that good. The detail and color reproduction when my art is printed directly onto canvas is incredible. Because I do most all of my original work on canvas, these are the next best thing to having an original. They come pre-stretched on a frame and ready-to-hang. Plus, you can order framing right on my website for the ultimate finished feel. These are a classic way to order my work. Check them out!

Paper is something of a passion of mine, and I chose the type of paper on which to reproduce my artwork very carefully. I offer prints on Watercolor paper on my site, a very substantial and museum-grade paper that has just a bit of tooth (texture) to it. This texture beautifully accentuates the texture in my work. You can order just prints, or receive a ready-to-hang piece by selecting framing and matting right on my site. I offer a ton of different varieties and make it easy for you. Check them out.  

Need help deciding?
I love hopping onto a zoom with you guys to see your space and help you choose the perfect piece, on the perfect material and in the perfect size just for your unique space. Schedule a free design consult with me today.